Any Bitwig + Voltage users here?

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Doc Joe
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Any Bitwig + Voltage users here?

Post by Doc Joe » Sun Aug 01, 2021 10:23 pm

Hi folks,

I recently purchased Bitwig specifically to work with Voltage and my small cluster of controllers. It's proving to be a fantastic combination with the CPU running much lighter than my previous DAW and the midi routing and hybrid tracks making things work well.

For example, I can not only pass audio out of Voltage, but send midi to the DAW or a physical sequencer (NDLR) which in turn sends midi back to the DAW. Its total, wonderous mayhem. Add to that the similarities in instrument design between Bitwig and Voltage, and it is my dream team.

Bitwig has effectively become my "master controller" for voltage and all my other kit. Voltage, in turn, offers a perfect graphical interface for hardware, as well as nuanced generative control - S&H with glacial gliders is da bomb!

If others are using Votage with Bitwig, I'd love to hear your ideas and swap patches .

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