Feature Request: Naming/Description

Memorymode is based upon one of the very best-sounding polyphonic programmable analog synthesizers of the 80s, the legendary Memorymoog synthesizer.
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Feature Request: Naming/Description

Post by Ian_F » Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:41 pm

As the title suggests, I'm wondering if it would be possible at some stage to include when browsing the presets, an option to right-click and rename a preset. Currently, if I'm saving a preset and make a mistake, I have to save it again under the correct name, then delete the original. It's not a great hardship, but a rename option would be a bit less faff.

Also, sometimes when I come up with a preset, I have an idea along with it that's a bit too long to include in the name and doesn't really fit in with listing it as keywords i:e "Ethereal Pluck - sounds nice as a minor 9th with a bit of phaser run as an arpeggio alternating between a 1 and 3 octave spread".

Ideally it could show up as a tooltip when hovering over the preset name in the browser but if there's a different/better way, I'd be all for that also. Anything that helped me to save that original inspiration without having to fire up Cubase and record a part that I'll probably never think to look at again.

TIA :)

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