Is VM2.0 ui scaling a bit unsharp compared to VM1?

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Is VM2.0 ui scaling a bit unsharp compared to VM1?

Post by sincostan » Sat May 23, 2020 3:31 pm

I'm really not sure I'm wrong.

I usually use VM at 110% or 120% scaling in Windows, without the 'zoom interface x2' option, with openGl, and without any additional scaling by the operating system. I never noticed a problem and think that scaling works really well in VM.

When I updated to VM2, I had a bit the impression that some elements are sharper than other at 110% and 120%. I notice this at the small lines around knobs for example, the are a tiny but unsharp. The silver rings were you connect the cables look sharper. I'm looking at the Missfit 808 Transistor kick at the moment.

It's really not bad, totally usable, but I'm wondering if this is worse than in VM1? Maybe introduced by the new and great looking ui update? Would be great to hear some other thoughts about it. Unfortunately I can't check how it was in VM1 since I don't find an installer for it.

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Re: Is VM2.0 ui scaling a bit unsharp compared to VM1?

Post by Cherry Garcia » Sat May 23, 2020 6:50 pm

Hi there,

The Transistor 808 Kick module has not changed. Things that will look better include the oscilloscope and modules that have a custom drawing. The pulse wave view on the oscillator also has this enhancement. Many 3rd parties are updating their 'canvasses' as well. Perhaps you could post an image of what you are seeing, but there should not be any differences in what you are describing.

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Re: Is VM2.0 ui scaling a bit unsharp compared to VM1?

Post by andro » Sun May 24, 2020 1:37 am

I don't think this is a VM software issue. I have a Dell Ultrasharp monitor of extreme quality and everything is sharp at all percent scales. That's my experience.

On the 808 modules, I would say the calibration lines around the knobs are not black but dark grey, and perceptually dark grey on grey can look less sharp than pure black. Also, eyesight and colour perception can change over time or from day to day, it's not a rigid as people think. More colour science - colours look different in the context of other colours, and the new overall colour scheme may be influencing your perception and perhaps you have now noticed the grey lines give a slightly less clear effect. If I look at those 808 knobs I may be tempted to say they are not sharp to the point of cutting your fingers, but in any case they have not changed.

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