Single Trigger Mode for Mono Sustain II?

GX-80 is Cherry Audio's visionary flagship synthesizer that combines the unparalleled sound and features of the fabled GX-1 "Dream Machine"and its renowned descendant the CS-80 to create a powerhouse hybrid.
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Single Trigger Mode for Mono Sustain II?

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The CS-80 (and GS-1, not counting its mini keyboard) had no monophonic mode.
Now we have a remarkable instrument in the shape of of GX-80 which does offer such an option with no precedent for how it should operate.
Please consider configuring Sustain II, when in Mono mode, with same kind of single trigger option featured on the ElkaX. The choice of multi-trig or not would simply fall to the choice of Sustain mode, with Sustain II being the obvious choice when Mono mode.

What an instrument.
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