One button UPDATE INSTALL please

GX-80 is Cherry Audio's visionary flagship synthesizer that combines the unparalleled sound and features of the fabled GX-1 "Dream Machine"and its renowned descendant the CS-80 to create a powerhouse hybrid.
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One button UPDATE INSTALL please

Post by wwjdx »

could we get some love put into a single press install update?

Like, when instrument says "UPDATE" upper right, you press and it stores your settings, downloads, closes open instrument, installs, reopens where you were, all updated.

Right now it's:

1. click UPDATE
2. "Would you like to go to Cherry Audio to download the update?"
3. go there click your OS version
5. run that
6. oops. got to close the instrument first
7. OK
8. agree
9. pick VSTs (prefer same as I had before)
10. pick location (same please)
11. install
12. run it
13. installs more? or finishes, or something

Repeat for 5 more instruments.

One Click, or even AUTO UPDATE would be swell.
Thanks for considering
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