Update VM / VMD in the right order

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Update VM / VMD in the right order

Post by radio.bb »

After starting VMD I got the message to download newest VMD version. Please take care to update to corresponding VM first. In my case, after updating VMD from v. 2.5.5 to 2.7, i received a cryptic error message that didn't help very much:

Common Interface Version Incorrect

The Common Interface version is not correct. Please reinstall Module Designer. Would you like to go to the website to download the latest version?"
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Re: Update VM / VMD in the right order

Post by UrbanCyborg »

You have to have the same version of both VM and VMD to run VMD. Just upgrade your copy of VM and VMD will run fine.

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Re: Update VM / VMD in the right order

Post by Aarnville »

I updated both at the same time. I don't recall in which order I updated but something screwed up the module database. I suddenly had some duplicate modules in the "new or updated" category, including some Cherry Audio modules that I'm pretty sure have not been updated recently like Arpeggiator and Limiter. Where there were duplicates it was noticeable that one had the little yellow circle next to it and the other did not. Weirder than that, a couple of my cabinets also appeared in the module list, which makes no sense at all!

I gave it a bit of time and a few restarts to see if it sorted itself out but in the end I deleted the cache and all of the modules and let it download them all again, which sorted it.
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Re: Update VM / VMD in the right order

Post by TheGarnet »

I was chasing a problem with the editor hanging several characters into editing, especially on backspace.

I ended up nuking every VM directory I could find under ~/Library and ~/Application and such, and the apps. Reinstalled, let VM first finished updating its catalog, then when into VMD, and it did its catalog update, and now everything is good.
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