R_Ware <3 Black Friday - BF Bundle #1

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R_Ware <3 Black Friday - BF Bundle #1

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https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/r ... f-bundle-1

  • Partial Oscillator : a highly flexible and modulation-friendly SINE oscillator that can be used as a building block for an additive synthesizer or a complex oscillator.
  • Control: Gain control over your entire rack with this remote control module.
  • Noise: 8 independent channels of colored noise, from infra-red to ultra-violet!
  • R_Oversamplers: Add oversampling to your modules!
  • Space Controller: Transform your cursor into an intergalactic CV vessel!
  • Quad DC Filter: Your output guard! Filter everything from pure DC to muddy low-end and safely clip overshooting signals.
  • DisFigure: We don't talk about DisFigure!
  • Partial Oscillator Poly: Building upon the highly flexible and modulation-friendly Partial Oscillator with up to 16 voices of clean and complex timbres.
  • Partializer: Turn any polyphonic oscillator into an ADDITIVE OSCILLATOR!
  • Step: Divide continuous signals into a sequence of evenly spaced steps!
  • Soft Oscillator: From smooth, warm and soft to brutally digital: Soft Oscillator delivers a vast variety of tones and timbres!
  • EXCLUSIVE WITH THIS BUNDLE -> R_AppreciationBlank: R_Wave loves you! A collection of all R_Ware designs in one blank module. Includes love and shoutouts to the R_Ware team and friends! ❤
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