Note priority switch needed

Miniverse is a painstaking virtual emulation of the granddaddy of all portable synthesizers.
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Re: Note priority switch needed

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A priority switch hidden somewhere wouldn't hurt but really, low note priority is such a fundamental aspect of the minimoog, I totally agree it should stay the default.
IMO the limitations and design quirks of vintage gear (and accurate emulations) are as important as the sound - they make you play a different way - they make you LEARN how to play them..
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Re: Note priority switch needed

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Any follow up to this? I have the Behringer version of the model D that has last note priority option.

I don't understand why people are against the VST having that option as the original does not have a poly mode either. The vst sounds so close that I'm fine with selling my module to buy this. But not having last note is a deal breaker.
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