DCO-106, Mainstage, Preset name

DCO-106 is a virtual polyphonic synthesizer precisely modelling every aspect of the beloved classic Juno-106 synthesizer.
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DCO-106, Mainstage, Preset name

Post by samaims » Thu Aug 19, 2021 7:48 am


Some advice would be super helpful please :)

I've been using DCO-106 as a plugin on Logic for a while, but have recently been trying to set up on Mainstage.
I'm therefore creating new grouped controls in Mainstage and mapping them to DC106. That's all working fine.
However, I'm struggling to pull through the preset-name. I've googled this and can't find anything so far.

I've uploaded a file to Google Drive of the software set-up, with four elements in yellow boxes.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KXrtTg ... 4Ozq7/view

The bottom right box shows the mapping I have set up on the parameter text box - Pulling the 'Preset name' from 'DCO-106'.

The top right box shows the preset name showing in Mainstage, pulled through from the mapping I've set up.
This shows A53 Lead III.

The top left box also shows A53 Lead III, which is correctly synced to the value showing in the top right box.
If I change this value, it updates the value in the top right box correctly.

The bottom left box shows the actual preset that is currently active on DCO106, which is *not* the same as the A53 Lead III preset stated elsewhere.

So, the problem to me is: -
Why doesn't the Logic level 'Plug In Setting' update the actual preset running in DCO?
Is there any way that I can actually pull the live preset through to Mainstage.

Hope I've explained clearly?! Any thoughts appreciated.



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