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program change

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If I write up an "instrument definition file" for my VM presets, will VM respond to the PC commands I insert into my reaper projects?
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Re: program change

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not sure what you mean, but this may be a good use for Bome's MIDI Translator software, which converts MIDI to pc commands, and v.v.
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Re: program change

Post by Steve W » wrote: Tue May 17, 2022 6:17 pm If I write up an "instrument definition file" for my VM presets, will VM respond to the PC commands I insert into my reaper projects?
Among other things you could be asking (1) if embedded program change commands will change VM's presets or (2) if embedded program change commands can be used within a current VM preset. For the moment, I am assuming you mean (1).

I have different software that uses instrument definitions. There, patches/presets can be listed by name (among with other parameters--esp. controllers), plus bank switching methods. Once the instrument definition has been properly configured, users can look up the patch name from the list derived from the instrument definition to facilitate the use of midi bank switching and program change commands. I am not sure if Reaper has a similar purpose. If so, here are some thoughts and observations that might be helpful.

Some factors that might be useful:

The last time I asked, Cherry Audio (VM and Instruments) does not support bank switching. I believe we can choose from up to 128 presets in the currently selected collection of presets. I have not tested this myself, though.

It takes time for modules to load, so if you switch presets, you can't expect the new preset to be there immediately.

There is a checkbox switch (Settings > Interface re: MIDI Program Changes) in VM that would have to be set so the program change would cause VM to change its patch. If not set, I believe the program change gets sent to the patch for its use.

I am not sure if its DAW-specific, but I have found that VST2s respond to program changes in my DAW, but VST3s do not. Not sure if that's due to the VST3 specs, the DAW, or if it varies from Plug-in to Plug-in.

If you play VM as a performance instrument, when you issue a program change for the purpose of switching VM's preset, since it has been changed (EDITED is in the preset bar), you will probably get the "Do you want to save the current preset?" pop-up. I do not know if that happens when you change parameters via midi.

I only mention these things because I have explored them myself. Other VM users might have different experiences. Plus there might be some official details that would help answer your question.

Finally, I have been working on VM presets for performance which can be run from a DAW. So, if you find (or any one else finds) anything related, please share!!
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