Module request: Resynator

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Module request: Resynator

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A while ago, I backed funding for a documentary about the very unique Resynator hardware. Not enough were made to have a market impact, but the audio processing seems unique and certainly was when invented.

Around the time the documentary was released, I encouraged the inventor's daughter (campaign manager for the documentary) to reach out to software companies I thought could do it justice as an emulation. I also contacted said companies with the idea, but no one bit (or at least nothing materialized). I have full confidence that Cherry or its leading third-party developers could do a marvelous emulation, if they had the means to interact with Alison Tavel (daughter) as well as the original Resynator hardware.

In any case, I wish someone could make a software version of it, though I'm guessing it might be possible to emulate what it does with existing modules. I don't really know. I love that it's a completely unique but relatively unknown part of the history of synthesis and feel it deserves more attention.

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Re: Module request: Resynator

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Interesting unit. Found this ... nthesizer/ and enjoyed the YouTube video (at the bottom of the section on The Resynator) which shows the unit in action, including a nifty version of "The Sound of Silence." Thanks for mentioning it.
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Re: Module request: Resynator

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Thx you both for sharing!!
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