Using CR78 in a DAW

CR-78 -- Cherry Audio's first virtual drum machine -- accurately recreates the punchy analog sounds and 34 onboard preset rhythms of the first true classic drum machine and takes it much further.
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Using CR78 in a DAW

Post by Patrick »

I'm having a hard time using the CR78 in a DAW. I use Mixcraft 9 64 bit on WIn10

The CR78 shows up in the list of VST instruments (4 different ways). I can add it to a virtual instrument track and it plays just fine. If I arm the virtual instrument track, it will start with the record button and play, but it records absolutely nothing. If I set up and arm a seperate audio track, it will record on the audio track when I play it on the virtual instrument track, but the sound is horrible.

Any ideas or am I trying to do something that the CR78 isn't designed to do?

Thanks for any suggestions :)

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Re: Using CR78 in a DAW

Post by Nameerf »

I don't know anything about Mixcraft but in Studio One - if you want to record the audio output you create an audio track and select CR78 as the input source (which sounds like what you've tried in Mixcraft - I have no idea why it would sound horrible (maybe you're hearing the output of the audio track and the output from the CR78 at the same time? With some latency it would make a phasey "horrible" sound?)
If you want to record the midi you just drag and drop the "DRAG-EXPORT" box (the red, orange, yellow, white boxes) onto the track you want it.
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