amount of contour problem

Miniverse is a painstaking virtual emulation of the granddaddy of all portable synthesizers.
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amount of contour problem

Post by sergio_frias_23 »

check this video:

just found out after comparing with Softube emulation that miniverse is not responding correctly in the amount of contour when "decay" ( release) is enabled , when i trigger the notes with decay disabled the amount of countour remains at a specific frequency response (about 10 k in the video) if i enable the contour amount goes over 20 k when it should remain at the same frequency at each trigger.

UAD version is less extended ,and arturia version is very close to miniverse.
so is this a bug or a specific hardware feature?
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Re: amount of contour problem

Post by utdgrant »

This is an authentic recreation of a hardware feature unique to the Minimoog.

Gordon Reid explains this in his review of the Arturia Mini V 1.5 release.

The AJH Synth hardware Eurorack module MiniMod Dual Contour features this behaviour, too.
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Re: amount of contour problem

Post by Steve W »

Thanks for the article links. I found them very informative with lots of nitty gritty details, such as this:
In the original Model D the maximum sustain level on both contour generators is limited to around 80% of the full sustain level, and it has been suggested that this was due to an incorrectly calculated resistor value. This partly contributed to the “punch” of the Model D sound, as even with the sustain control at maximum level there was still an attack / decay transient present. Some Model D’s were modified to correct this behaviour, and we have corrected this “fault” on both MiniMod contour generators. But hey, don’t panic! It is easily replicated by setting the Sustain knob to 8.5 instead of 10. We’ve just given you a choice, 8.5 = Original behaviour and 10= full sustain.
among other little things.
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