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Such metaphysical language takes me back to the last century and listening to stuff by people like David Vorhaus, TONTO and Eno on 'phones and 'shrooms!

Obviously there's a huge difference between listening on headphones, dancing around in the soundfield emitted by a powerful PA and sitting still listening to near field monitors.

It's a very long time since I worked as a sound engineer and my hearing isn't what it used to be but when listening on speakers I've never felt the need to stay rigidly in the sweet spot because I don't hear any significant spectral changes when not doing so and most listeners will not be doing this either so it gives you an unrealistic picture. Clearly one does lose precise stereo imaging but speakers used in untreated rooms aren't very good at that anyway so again one has to think about what environment the listener is in.

By the way A/B testing between monitors and 'phones is something I do routinely to try to get a balanced feel for how things might sound to other people. But ultimately I think what really matters is the music rather than technical sound production details.
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Re: Addition Fader

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Thanks for the Addition Fader update. Much appreciated!

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Re: Addition Fader

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Thanks for Addition Fader 2 and thanks for making it a new product instead of merely a new build of Addition Fader. It makes an important difference the way you did it.
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Re: Addition Fader

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Glad to be helpful! :)
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