Growing collection

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Growing collection

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Some time ago, I was raving about BCI's very simple but great sounding KString module. The developer got in touch to say he had other modules in the works, including a version of the MusicThingModular Turing Machine, which I always enjoyed using in VCV Rack. Since then, several interesting modules have shown up in the store, and it's really great to see. I'm looking forward to more, hopefully :) ... industries
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Re: Growing collection

Post by terrymcg »

Thanks for your support!

And Thank You to the larger VM/VMD community as well. I hope you all have as much fun using the modules as I do creating them. :)

There are more in the pipeline, both older stuff that's been waiting in the wings for ages, and some fresh new projects.

I'd be happy to know how the current selection are getting used, so let me know if they're in your patches.

If you have questions about Black Cloud Industries or any of its modules, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to come up with a coherent answer. ;)

Terry McG
Black Cloud Industries
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