New free module!

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New free module!

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First new module in quite a while. Hopefully first of many...catching up on a lot of half-finished ideas...a few more smallish things...hopefully leading up to finally finishing/releasing "the big one" that I've been developing on and off since June. ;)

So, anyway, what does this one do? It learns other modules' controls and then randomizes their values when triggered. And it's free. And fun. Need I say more? :D ... randomizer

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Re: New free module!

Post by Steve W »

WOW!!! It might have been a long time coming and it superficially appears pretty basic, but I can anticipate lots of uses! I just did a very quick test of one possible application. Among presumably zillions of things, this module can be used with plug-in hosts to randomly change parameters in a hosted soft synth or FX plug-in. The lag amount determines the crossfade time into the new settings.

It need not be used recklessly!!! 😉

Thanks for this gem. :)
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