New Releases: Swirl, Swirl Mini, Updated Spree

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New Releases: Swirl, Swirl Mini, Updated Spree

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New from Vulpus Labs today:
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Swirl is a polyphonic source-of-chaos which emits two correlated randomly-drifting values per polyphonic channel.

This can be useful for introducing variance between and movement within voices in a polyphonic synth, for example by patching the first value so that it modulates the pitch of an oscillator, and the second so that it modulates the resonant frequency of a filter.

Swirl has a second mode in which it acts as a polyphonic wave-shaper, which combines wave-folding and ring modulation-like effects.

In both modes, Swirl draws pretty multi-coloured plots in its visual scope, showing you what it's doing.

Swirl Mini does exactly the same, but without the visual scope. It's not as pretty to look at, but it takes up a little less space and is a little easier on your CPU.

Pricing is $8 for Swirl and $5 for Swirl Mini, but Swirl Mini should be available for $2 if you have Swirl.

Additionally, the polyphonic chorus module Spree has had some updates - better CV control, and some filtering and soft clipping on the feedback circuit so you can turn it up further without getting runaway volume increases and unpleasant digital hissing and screeching noises.
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