Aliasing Effects in Miniverse Modules

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Aliasing Effects in Miniverse Modules

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I created a lovely warm pad sound using the Miniverse Modules. It has a bit of an '80s synth-wave vibe about it.
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However, I was disappointed to hear the effects of aliasing when I played the patch in the upper registers. The aliasing arises through the non-linear distortion inherent in both the Miniverse Filter and the Miniverse VCA. If either of these modules is present in the signal path, you can hear the aliasing effects quite clearly. If they are both replaced with linear modules, then the aliasing is not present - the Miniverse Oscillator modules are completely free of aliasing, like the stock Cherry Audio oscillators.

The exact same effects are also present in monophonic patches which use the Miniverse (mono) Filter and / or the Miniverse (mono) VCA.

I uploaded a demonstration of the effect to YouTube. You can hear the aliasing start around the 1:10 mark, and it becomes very prominent at around 1:26. That low-frequency throb contains frequencies not harmonically related to the pitch being played.

The patch is available to try yourself. If you don't own the Zeit modules, just connect the mixed Signal Output of the Poly Miniverse VCA to the main out Left (Mono) jack on the panel.
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Re: Aliasing Effects in Miniverse Modules

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Have you run this past Mark Barton?

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