Miniverse Snare

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Miniverse Snare

Post by honki-bobo »

This is a multi-layer snare drum using only Miniverse modules.

It's composed of 4 layers:
  • Body: Approx. 200 Hz triangle wave with very short pitch envelope
  • Transient: Very short noise burst
  • Tail: Filtered noise with some attack on the VCA to fade in
  • Ring: Ring and frequency modulated high frequency metallic ringing
The output of the layer mixer goes into all 4 inputs of another mixer, which goes into a filter. This allows for variably driving the filter input for saturation. Finally, another VCA was added for the "snap".

Hope you enjoy the patch.
Basic Snare Miniverse.voltagepreset
Miniverse Snare
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Miniverse Snare
Miniverse Snare
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