P.moon CV Stepper

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P.moon CV Stepper

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PM CV Stepper has just been published. It is based on PM Stepper, but it has got some new capabilities and became a complete sequencer now. So it will simplify your setups.

CV Stepper features:
- 1 to 8 steps CV sequencer
- positive, negative or bipolar CV output
- cascadable as PM Stepper, even both types in mixed order up to total 999 steps
- works triggered with audio frequency and can so create wave forms
- both quantized and detuned setup possible at same time
- CV can be limited to +/-5 or +/- 10 volts

CV Stepper is part of bundles P.moon Sequencer Kit and Ultimate Bundle

It is also sold individually, for a while with half price!

At the moment, example presets cannot be downloaded from CA server. You can get them from P.moon website:
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