Infinity now available! The Endless Sweep...

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Infinity now available! The Endless Sweep...

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A new effect module called Infinity is now available! 🔊 It’s based on an ”impossible” auditory illusion where a sound seems to be rising or falling endlessly. It features six different modes with their own distinctive sound, stereo processing, and LFO + S&H + smoother processors. Endlessly tweakable & useful for many kinds of sources! Demo available, and do check out the demo video and manual for a lot of tips and ideas. Have fun & enjoy! 😊
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Re: Infinity now available! The Endless Sweep...

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Some background on the Shepard Tone which you have based your module on: .

I learned about it from an electronic music composer in the 70s and even did a simple version of it on a Casio VZ synth by sequentially fading out the upper tone and bringing in the lower tone across the keyboard. Cool that you have revived and extended concept!! Nice demo tune; nice documentation (pdf), too.
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Re: Infinity now available! The Endless Sweep...

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I first learned about Shepard Tones in Vladimir Ussachevsky and Tracy Peterson's electronic music class at the University of Utah back in the '80s. The idea that the ear hears an apparent shift in the fundamental pitch when there isn't one because of how it interprets the overtone series is really whack. You'd think that it would appear to be a continuous reharmonization of the fundamental, but it doesn't work out that way. I wonder what further effects might be garnered by using two of your units, or one of them along with Playertron's Shepard Tone module? Got to experiment. Nice module, BTW.

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