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Re: owner discounts...

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Might be. Have you run this through CA's support? They'd be the only ones with the answer.

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Re: owner discounts...

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I rechecked , and it appears that I am actually getting a discount now for what I have already ! (Thank you to Cherry Audio :) )(Now I just need to find the money to buy that *also* :lol: )
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Re: owner discounts...

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an example of this is:

I own all but 6 Cherry Audio synths offered in STACK 3. Of those 6, I only will ever want 2. The 6 seem discounted in the synth stack, but if I bought just those two alone, it would be just a little less than the synth stack with extra money into 4 plugs I will never want.

If I got the discounted price of those two within the STACK3, being a major supporter, I would buy those two immediately. As I don't, money went to a competitor. Which I'm not happy about but it made sense to me.
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