Space Lab Preset (VM)

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Jo Beatz
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Space Lab Preset (VM)

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I made this fun little lab and thought maybe someone else would have fun with it, provided of course you have the modules there. You get very crazy retro sci-fi sounds with it!

Top row from left to right: Volume, Matrix for switching the audio generators and LFO's, and Noise with the inputs of the audio generators and the filter input and CV. The Oscilloscopes show Audio Generators 1 - 3 and LFO's 1 - 3.

Second row: A first unlisted LFO controls the first real LFO. A master reverb goes to the output.

Last row: Formula and Ring Modulator can also be combined in the matrix with the Audio Generators and LFO's. Most important is the mixer in the middle. All outputs converge in it.

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