Preset Loading error

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Preset Loading error

Post by terrymcg » Thu May 28, 2020 3:19 am

Hi Folks...

A module I'm working on loads fine in VMD, but in VM, it won't auto-restore as part of the current rack if I close and re-open vm. it will load from the Modules list though. After digging around a bit, I found this:

Code: Select all

23:05:46.009 Loading Module: com/blackcloudindustries/awaves/BCIAWaves
23:05:46.010 Missing module - but preset has missing info...showing missing module.
23:05:46.010 Missing module info was bad -> deleting.
23:05:46.011 FAILED To load module :com/blackcloudindustries/awaves/BCIAWaves ID:d7a550290f0a4aaf87748ced9039f5c5
This leave a hole in the rack where the module should to be.

FWIW, this happens whether or not I actually listen for Get/SetStateInformation in the module (ie even if I'm not explicitly restoring any presets), and isn't new to v2, iirc, it's "always" done it.

What to I need to do to see (and fix) what ever is causing the problem?

Terry McG

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