Splitting Current Published Bundles into Multiple Bundles

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Wed Mar 06, 2019 2:10 pm

As I evolve my list of modules, I am considering splitting one of the bundles I created. I want to do this in way that allows any existing purchases to keep both sub-bundles without having to do anything. Am I correct in thinking that if I do the following, this should achieve this:

Lets call it Bundle A as the current one, with Bundle A1 and A2 being created...

1. Create the two new bundles, A1 and A2
2. Add the various modules to these bundles
3. Change the original bundle A to contain just the bundles A1 and A2 and probably reprice it
4. Get the new bundles A1 and A2 published; and finally
5. Set bundle A to the "do not show in store" and "cannot be bought separately" options but leave published
6. Potentially change name of A to reflect fact it has been replaced, which at this point should not be visible?

A user who had bought A will then have all the modules from A1 and A2, as they would expected.
New purchased would get A1 or A2 separately and would not see A in the store.

Should this work? Have I missed anything?
Would this break anything in a users list of orders?
Would the new sub-modules show up as not purchased to users in the store, even though they have them through their original purchase?
Andrew Macaulay
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