Editor panel, NodeTree based window [Suggestion]

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Editor panel, NodeTree based window [Suggestion]

Post by urieldeveaud » Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:21 pm

i´ve looked at various editors and as a user myself of Modular hardware editor (like Nord G2), and i found that there is 3 ways of creating a plugin or module. I mean... the basics.
- code editor (for advanced users)
- Visual UI editor (panel)
- Visual Node based editor (features)

Why i want to talk about this? , well, there is a learning strategy behind it.

By exemple, i would talk quickly about an other software (Blender), wich has a multiple window editing system to create new addons.
in this exemple, the user can work independently in any windows, code editor, console, design view,etc...
At the end, the user should learn by any workflow ! that is the great thing about it !
if the user prefers working in the UI or the nodes, it will rewrite the code accordingly ... great no ?

i would recommend to add this window in voltage designer (by the way, a similar editor will come up for VCV ;))
That s it ! have a nice day ...

if someone is intersted to discuss the possible options for this tools, or the way it can be integrated .. let me know


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