"Variations" saving issue

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"Variations" saving issue

Post by marltetz » Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:52 am


One of my modules Vari-step has an issue (as many users already know) about saving/loading "Variations" data.
And I have no clue how to solve the problem... :(

Is there any different restriction in between "GetStateInformation()" and "GetStateInformationForVariations()"? (Or in between "SetStateInfoformation()" and "SetStateInformationForForVariations()", so, I don't know whether the saving or the loading is failed.)

The module uses a lot of custom state-informations other than VM's controls'. Total of custom data trying to save/load is 3,208 bytes.
The size of data can be the cause?

Another my module BBD4 does saving/loading "Variations" without problem and the size of custom state-informations data is just 32 bytes.

Or "Get/SetStateInformationForVariations()" should have something different manner in coding compared to "Get/SetStateInformation()"?
I've thought it's okay to have "Get/SetStateInformationForVariations()" just call "Get/SetStateInformation()".


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