Designer problems - no right click menu

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Designer problems - no right click menu

Post by ymerejsasnak » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:59 pm

I've already submitted an official message to support...but I'm curious if anyone else is having this issue?

On a couple of my 'in progress' modules, the right click menu (Reset/Random/Presets/etc) no longer works after the 2.2.3 update. Most of my modules are fine. The one I was most recently working on however no longer gives access to the right click menu. Another that I've been working on had the same problem, but I somehow managed to fix it (I'm not even 100% sure how unfortunately)...something to do with the main Java class name.

ALSO! I can't even make a new module. I start a new module and build/debug/run it and there's no right click menu in it. I messed around with some settings and the new module will not provide a right click menu at all. NOTE - right clicking on any components still totally works as expected and rightclicking on 'wants mouse notifications' components still seems to work as well.

I had a similar issue when submitting one of my more recent updates to the Random Sampler - CA's tester couldn't get the right-click menu to operate (since he was on a newer beta version) until I changed the class name.

I dunno. I try to go through these things systematically and logically, as one should, but....honestly this is driving me nuts and I'm just hoping to hear from others while I wait for an official reply from CA.


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