Module Designer 1.0.9 released - Download now.

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Module Designer 1.0.9 released - Download now.

Post by Cherry Garcia » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:47 pm


We've released Module Designer 1.0.9 today. We've also fixed some issues that have prevented Module Designer from auto-updating in some cases. Once you've installed 1.0.9, Voltage Modular should automatically download new versions for you. We highly recommend upgrading to 1.0.9! To do so, click here:

..and click on the download link for Module Designer 1.0.9.

If you haven't downloaded or purchased Module Designer yet, go here: ... e-designer


Change history


Added scrollbars
Added SetEnabled(bool) for controls
Listbox updated.
You can now use tooltips or hints for any control if you so desire.


Fixed crash in debug window when setting breakpoint in area without any code.
Matching brace logic added Ctrl+{ or Ctrl+}
Fixed demo logic for any module or future module.

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