Feature suggestion. Macro controls

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Feature suggestion. Macro controls

Post by JackJackdaw » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:07 pm

Making a drum machine patch today. Heavy use of macro controls. Assigning multiple parameters to control surface knobs and setting the ranges in the midi page in the library.

I can see a lot of room for improvement here. For a start I would like to be able to assign multiple controls with unique ranges to the Performance knobs in VM. And then add as many of these as I need. That way the Macros would be self contained in the patch and not reliant on the controller being present.

And as it stands the list of Midi assignments in my patch was huge. It would be really difficult to navigate it if I came back to it later. Could do with folders so I could group multiple parameters together.

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Re: Feature suggestion. Macro controls

Post by SimonOR » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:13 pm

Upgrading the Perform knobs (and buttons) into macro controls would be great! On other software synths, such as Massive X, I invariably use macro controls.

On a slight tangent, JackJackdaw, do your hardware controllers include expression pedals? If so, or even if not, do you ever get MIDI stuck notes when controlling VM Perform knobs and macro controls of other synths in real time. I've recently described the problem, which I can get with any synth plugin (in Cubase), and the solution in this related thread: Global automation assignment to perf. knobs?


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