Weevil, Sonobiosis and Monkey Business Audio release over new 20 modules and bundles!

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Weevil, Sonobiosis and Monkey Business Audio release over new 20 modules and bundles!

Post by Cherry Dan » Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:16 pm

Cherry Audio welcomes three new module designers to the Voltage Modular platform: Weevil, Sonobiosis, and Monkey Business Audio. Together, they've released over 20 new modules and bundles for Voltage Modular!!

Weevil debuts 7 new modules, featuring the incredible new Wavetable Oscillator!


Weevil has announced the release of 7 exciting new modules for Voltage Modular. Featured modules include the incredible new Wavetable Oscillator ($25). On sale for only $15, this module contains dual wavetable oscillators, with CV control of pitch, wavetable position, and effects including phase, width, sync, compression, power, and resolution.

Sample wavetables are included and the module supports importing wavetables in several standard formats (tested with wavetables from Ableton, Pigment, Hive, Icarus and waveeditonline. Free wavetables can be found here: https://waveeditonline.com/index-1.html)

Other new modules to check out from Weevil include Multi Oscilloscope ($10), Scaler ($10), and the Shapers Bundle, which includes Tri Shaper ($10), Tri Mod ($10), Poly Tri Shaper ($10) and Poly Tri Mod ($10). Purchase the Shapers Bundle ($30) and save $10!

Sonobiosis releases uQuence Sequencer, Civil Unrest and Squinewave!


Sonobiosis introduces uQuence Sequencer ($10), an 8-track Euclidian rhythm algorithm based sequencer. Civil Unrest ($10) generates variable distribution/variable rate random noise. Now through January 20th, get them both in the Sonobiosis Bundle 1 for only $15!

Also now available is Squinewave ($10), a band-limited morphing oscillator with hard sync. Includes sine, saw, square and pulse shapeshifting using 2 CV/knob controls.

Voltage Modular user Nik Jewell using Wavetable Oscillator and uQuence Sequencer:


Monkey Business Audio debuts 11 new modules!


Featured are the Monkey Business Audio Utility Bundle and Sequencer Bundle. The Utility Bundle includes 128Mix ($10), CV Mapper ($10), Comparator ($10), Random Seed ($10) and Velocity Controlled Envelope ($10). Save 33% when you purchase them all in the Utility Bundle ($33.33)!

The Sequencer Bundle includes CV Sequencer ($10), Gate Sequencer ($10), Glide Sequencer ($10) and Tempo Clock ($10). Save 37% when you purchase them all in the Sequencer Bundle ($24.95)!

Finally, RAM ($10), and Decim8or ($10), sold separately, are now available. RAM offers ring and amplitude modulation, and the modulation amount itself can be modulated for more exciting sonic textures, while Decim8or features bit-rate and sample-rate crushing down to 1 bit resolution and 40 Hz sample rate.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements of even more new modules and new module designers!

Happy Patching!

- The Cherry Audio Team

P.S. We're hard at work on a new version of Voltage Modular and Module Designer, which will offer lots of great new features for musicians and module developers alike!

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