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Joshua P
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DX Reface FM synth

Post by Joshua P » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:59 am

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Voltage, and am needing to have a way to patch into my Yamaha DX reface, and new to synth in general, I bought the DX so I can go Busking around town but found the buttons, and sliders to be a little bit cumbersome, and also away of a introduction to a synth without all the stuff that goes with a synth, was I in for a treat. so my first question would be can Voltage be turned into a four channel FM synth

Here is the list of Requirments:

・4-operator FM Sound Engine offers dynamic and expressive additive synthesis.
Each of the four operators can be used as either a carrier or a modulator.

A new feature of this engine is continuously variable feedback on every operator allowing for a wide-range of sound creation

・Two programmable effects blocks with seven effect types per block:

The effect types are: VCM Touch Wah, VCM Flanger, VCM Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and Distortion.

I have included attachments to help us along this journey and hopefully we can patch this so I can get this to work so I no longer have to use the small buttons and sliders

and also here is the link to yamaha reface DX PDF on the LFO section since it doesnt allow Cherry Audio Does not allow PDF files to be uploaded

https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/o ... _rm_a0.pdf

Ok all Basis I think are covered

Side Note:

If we can not get this Patched and I am forced to use the actual controller I still would Like to use Voltage as my main Go to, to use as my sound editing so I can use it to work on my sounds outside of the controller before having to manually patch it within the controller itself. so either way we will need to build a replica of this in Voltage

Thanks Everyone who Helps Builds this with me. Now its time to read a 171 page user Manual and watch Videos So Excited

Kind Regards
Joshua P

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