P.moon offers first modules and bundles

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P.moon offers first modules and bundles

Post by seal58 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:36 pm

Hi there,

seal58 has changed to P.moon. I'm very happy that I can present my new modules now.

Because I work on sequencer setups for generative music, I found many kinds of VST modules missing everywhere in the web, even at Cherry Audio. So I started to program these tools myself with Voltage Modular Designer.

Probably other people also may look for helpful tools. That's why I published my modules in the Cherry Store.

P.moon modules are not intended to process the sound of music, but to create control systems on a digital way. For example with my modules it was easy to chain 4 Octagon sequencers to obtain a preset, that can play a 128 step melody.
(You can download the setup here: http://www.ostseeferien-rostock.de/pmoo ... tagepreset)

Some of the modules are rather simple. That was the reason for me to offer some modules for free or in small bundles with minimum price.

All products can be tested as DEMO.

If you have questions feel free to use the "contact manufacturer" button on the product pages.

seal58 alias P.moon

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