A Set of Pre-Sets for Ramping Up / Learning

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A Set of Pre-Sets for Ramping Up / Learning

Post by snydergm24 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 5:57 pm

First... I just learned about Cherry Audio (I'm late to the game) but now that I am here, I am extremely impressed with your virtual synth products (I just purchased most of them... really great stuff). My request is related to allowing your customers to more rapidly learn how to utilize the Voltage Modular product. I have owned multiple "physical" and virtual synths but most have not utilized patching. In short, I am new to modular synthesis so the learning curve is a little steep. I am trying to leverage a combination of your online documentation, the included pre-sets and YouTube videos to try to figure it all out but it is slow going. To that end, I have some recommendations:

A set of Step-By-Step Pre-sets - You do include some basic pre-sets that are easy to follow but then it get's insane trying to follow the patches for the others. Could you provide a step-by-step set of presets that take a more incremental approach so it would be easier to ramp up on learning the modules and how they connect / integrate. This also needs some documentation to go along with it so each "step" pre-set is clear to your customers. I am not sure if your thought process is "everyone knows this stuff" but that is a POOR assumption. Like any other business, I am sure you want to grow your revenues. The easier you make your products to understand, the more you will be able to sell (just my opinion of course but I have always found the "Keep It Simple" approach the best when selling new solutions to a customer base).

PDF Versions of Documentation - I have seen multiple requests for this on Forums but with no results. Having to go back and forth on your web site to read the documentation is annoying to say the least. Please give your customers and option.

I know this forum is for Voltage Modular but my ask for the items above would be for all of you products. In short, improved documentation making your products easier to understand / learn would be helpful for both existing and potential customers.

Once again, you have some really slick products. Better documentation would go a long way.


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