Devs => VCV Paradigm Modules pls!

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Devs => VCV Paradigm Modules pls!

Post by sdv » Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:42 pm

While I'm really enjoying the majority of modules I've purchased for VM so far there seems to be a great deal of redundancy in the 3rd party library, not only in the types of modules but the overall thinking of how a module should perform. It would be amazing to see if developers could replicate some of these more unique VCV modules, or at the very least, attempt to match the thinking paradigm behind them in terms of module design and workflow. A brave new world of sound awaits!!

Parametric filter designer:
Quad-note chord sequencer:
Super Arpeggiator:
Boolean Chaos:
Authoritarian Quantizer:
Multi-channel arpeggiator:
Polyphonic Input Arpeggiator:
16 input to 1 output sequential/VC switch/router:
Cellular Automaton Gate Sequencer:
Two Neurons and Two Difference Rectifiers: ... ubleNeuron
Six-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division:
Node-based polyphonic sequencer:
Random Branching 8-step sequencer:
Generates a set of 8 synchronised gates and triggers: ... andomGates
Generates an 8 step sequence of curves:
Cellular automaton sequencer:
Quad algorithmic sequencer generator: ... OrcasHeart
Randomizer for up to 16 input signals:
Adjustable rotating octa-multi-switch:
Probabilistic Quantizer: ... ablyNoteBP
Multi head sample based oscillator:
Klee Sequencer:
Spiralone Sequencer:
Phase-Driven Sequencer:
Keyboard, Switch, Bridge, Sequencer, Quantizer with editable comparators:
A multiband band-pass resonant filter, a port of the 4ms SMR:
Rotate Klok Divider (RKD) module:
Sequencer with per step inputs:
8-fold scale quantiser:
2D grid sequencer:
Probability Sequencer: ... /Andromeda
Sequencer, keyboard, memory, gater, bridger, ratcheter:
Colliding sample and hold:
Atomic dual cv sequencer:
Semi-random chord generation:
A trigger sequencer based on summed clock-dividers:
Chainable master clock with swing, clock delay and pulse width:
Dual ramp generator:

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Re: Devs => VCV Paradigm Modules pls!

Post by andro » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:33 am

Hello @sdv,

While not yet a commercial developer on the VM store, I can tell you that developing modules is long, complex, and arduous. It's not easy banging these things out. I have 510 modules for VM and that's plenty to be going on with. I have a dozen under development. You also have to realise there are only about a dozen VM developers on the store, compared to the thousands developing for VCV Rack.

I am tempted to ask, if you like these modules, why don't you just use VCV? It's only limitation is that it can't (and at current rate, likely won't ever, despite promises) run in DAWs. it's a fine environment. Why want VM to be a clone of that? It's like saying I want my Juno to be an Arp as well.

VCV Rack modules are done in C++, VM in Java. Simple conversion requires translation between the languages which is not difficult, but it's significant that almost nobody is bothering to do it, except the astonishingly brilliant Vult (who has a high level module description language).

That's a really long list you gave. Pick one you want, and I will have a go at it. VCV being open source it is possible to study the code in detail as a basis.


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