Solved: Audio Crackling in Nuendo / Cubase

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Solved: Audio Crackling in Nuendo / Cubase

Post by dwise » Mon Aug 09, 2021 4:28 pm


Version 1.1.0

Build 121

Most of this was my inexperience with this instrument.
Some of my saved patches from a previous build were clicking / crackling on loading.
But it's an easy fix.

OSC-3 can modulate OSC-2
And it was overdriving OSC-2 - causing the clicks.

This is the fix and the bit I don't quite understand.
Turning the OSC Mix levels down to Zero - and then returning them to the same previous amount.
And doing the same to the VCA sustain level - seems to cure the problem.

Then, saving as a new patch and reloading - now loads without the clicks / crackling.
I still have the original for comparison.
So I'm happy - no crackling.

Also - tracking down the cause of the issue - I've learnt how OSC-3 can help make some really impressive and aggressive sounds - especially the Filter Contour and OSC-3 amount in Voice Modulation.
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