Division Sequencer

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Division Sequencer

Post by seal58 »

this sequencer is a great tool to create complex rhythms. I tested it as a demo for only a short while and baught it on same day.

I wanna propose a little change: All pattern select buttons are lit all time. I'd prefer to see a lit button only for the active pattern. I think these buttons are better visible than the small number.

By the way, after reset small step LED on most lower line stays on at last position.

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Re: Division Sequencer

Post by playertron »

Hi - yep, when various interruptions to the sequence get triggered, an LED will remain (temporarily) to provide some visual context for what has happened, and the LED "wipes" away with the next loop. Lit pattern buttons sounds like a good idea - I usually aim for quick turnaround on these kinds of suggestions, but it'll take some time to circle back to this (tangentially related things that will make it more of a process than it seems like it should be). Thanks for using the sequencer and glad to hear that you found it useful!
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