Brilliant- I love it already

PS-20 is an ultra-realistic, polyphonic, hot-rodded tribute to Korg's renowned MS-20.
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Brilliant- I love it already

Post by Richman » Mon May 17, 2021 2:03 am

I have had an MS-20 since about 1979-80 and always wanted a polyphonic version. I had later Korg polysynths (and enjoyed them too) but none had quite what I was after. So when I saw the introductory price of this I jumped straight in.
This is a masterpiece. I have had it for only part of a day and already love it. The sounds are really quite wonderful and I have only explored a small quantity of the presets and made some of my own. I have found some of the new patch options a little confusing, being used to the traditional layout, but I feel confident it will only take a short period to get used to it.
The old MS-20, though still set up in the studio is a little bit rusty in places and doesn't get played as much as I (or it) would like. I am afraid this PS-20 will prevent me from using it even more.
A wonderful addition and so cheap with the introductory price. Very happy with this compared to most of my impulsive soft synth purchases.

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Re: Brilliant- I love it already

Post by cherryMitch » Tue Jun 01, 2021 5:01 am

Sorry nobody every replied, but thank you for all the kind words on PS-20.

We made a few bold decisions in re-tooling the patch panel section, but as I mention in the manual, the "total" input frequently seems to be a source of confusion, so we created individual inputs instead. Perhaps not what long-time MS-20 users are used to, but hopefully a little more intuitive for most conventional modular synth users. We tried to maintain a balance between the general feel of the original and adding more mod options and tonal possibilities; hopefully we achieved that - it's certainly more expanded than any other instrument we've done.

Though everybody at the company doesn't necessarily agree with me, it's my favorite standalone instrument we've done so far, because like the original, there's always some degree of surprise and unpredictability to the end results, particularly when the filter keyboard tracking is enabled with high resonance settings and they're used as pseudo-oscillators.

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