Post your custom presets here

Use this forum to share your custom Cherry Audio instrument presets!
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Post your custom presets here

Post by cherryaudio Greg » Fri Dec 04, 2020 5:55 pm

Hi all,

If you've got some custom instrument presets you want to share, this is the place!

Click on New Topic, then choose the Attachments tab to add your presets.

User presets are stored here for Windows:

And here for Macs:
~/Library/Application Support/CherryAudio/INSTRUMENT_NAME/Presets/

Replace "INSTRUMENT_NAME" with the name of the instrument, for example, for MG-1 it would be:

%appdata%/CherryAudio/Surrealistic MG-1 Plus/Presets

~/Library/Application Support/CherryAudio/Surrealistic MG-1 Plus/Presets