Arpeggiator retrigger problem when hold is on

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Arpeggiator retrigger problem when hold is on

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I noticed a weird behavior with the arpeggiator when changing notes: Let's say I want to play a 2 notes arpeggio (fifth or octave): I set the pattern to UP and hold is on: if I press C-G and latter switch (up) to E-B, then the B is played first and then the E, inverting the sequence. When going down, the notes are played in proper order. (and if the pattern is DOWN, then going up is OK but going down if KO).

With a 3 note chord, the problem is also present. When pattern is UP, switching to an new upper chord, the 1st note played is the rightmost one.

If hold is not active, the problem does not show up.

And if I'm not wrong, the Voltage Modular arpeggiator has the same problem...
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