New module release: (Poly) Unisonify and Unison Bundle

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New module release: (Poly) Unisonify and Unison Bundle

Post by honki-bobo » Fri Jan 29, 2021 2:55 pm

Hi everyone,

as you might have noticed, I've released some new modules and a new bundle, all dedicated to creating unison voices.


Create unison voices the easy way

The Unisonify Bundle consists of two modules: Unisonify Pre and Unisonify Post.

Unisonify Pre takes pitch CV input and sends it to up to eight separate outputs with the ability to detune the outputs against each other.
Unisonify Post takes the output of up to eight oscillators and mixes them to a stereo output. It allows you to blend the unison voices and to spread and position them in the stereo panorama.

All parameters can be modulated by external CV.

Poly Unisonify

The Poly Unisonify Bundle is the polyphonic version of Unisonify and offers the same features and flexibility as its monophonic counterpart.
Poly Unisonify-patch.png
Poly Unisonify-patch.png (868.9 KiB) Viewed 161 times

Unison Bundle

Straight forward unison handling, mono- and polyphonic. Get 5 unison management modules at over 33% discount!

Besides the aforementioned Unisonify and Poly Unisonify, this bundle also includes Polyphonic Unison - Split up available polyphony voices to create unison voices with only a single polyphonic oscillator.
If you ever wanted to create a polyphonic synth with unison voices using only a single polyphonic oscillator, Polyphonic Unison is for you.
It divides the available polyphonic voices by the number of unison voices you want and takes care of all the rest: detuning, blending and spreading across the stereo panorama.
Unison Bundle.png
Unison Bundle.png (326.48 KiB) Viewed 161 times

Please feel free to demo the modules and leave your comments or ask your questions here.

Best regards and stay creative,
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