Aliasing in Polymode module?

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Aliasing in Polymode module?

Post by ciopek » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:34 am


first off I wanna say cherry audio & voltage modular are great and I <3 them.
However recently i have bought the Polymode module and while I really enjoy it I found it has quite audible aliasing noise when playing higher notes (C6-C8 range) - some other modules I tried also have a bit of aliasing but it's quiet enough it doesn't really matter in musical context while in case of Polymode the aliasing noise is sometimes almost as loud as the note itself :O

I have put up an example in the attachment - my daw is reaper @48Khz. (had to zip it, couldnt attach flac xd)

Please forgive my ignorance in case there's some obvious workaround I don't kno about xd

it seems like the standalone VST version of polymode doesnt have this problem :/ guess i should have bought that instead ᗒ ͟ʖᗕ
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