FR: Bernard Mini's

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FR: Bernard Mini's

Post by sdv » Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:37 pm

Wondering if we can get a few new Mini's in the bundle? While the Mini Voltage Grid is an interesting concept I'll never use it. What would be *much* more useful mini form are:
1) S&H
2) 8x1 Switch ( with a slideable step length you could set the module to 1 input and that would be the SH).
3) Mono Attenuverters (there's a Poly version but no Mono ~ wuwt?)
4) Shift & Offset
5) AD (Percussive) Envelope (or maybe an envelope with AD, ADSR & AR available (that's three outputs))
6) Crossfader
7) Noise (White, Pink, etc...)

It seems like you have the code-base already for all of these (looking at some of your other modules) - it would be great to have them in mini-form (and, in the bundle).

P.s. Another request would be to change the slope of the Frequency dial of the Mini Filter. It's linear now, and would be better if it were exponential so that we can dial-in the lower frequencies. As it is now 0Hz starts at 7 oclock and by the time I dial it to the 8 oclock position the frequency is at 2000Hz!!

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Re: FR: Bernard Mini's

Post by dave dove » Fri May 15, 2020 10:37 pm

chainable sequencer modules
K-Teck: Colouring with Numbers: M4L and Reaktor devices...

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