Moving forward by documenting Voltage Modular

Post any handy Voltage tips or tricks you've come across here.
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Moving forward by documenting Voltage Modular

Post by tladb » Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:45 am

In going beyond initial tutorials for synths I found it useful to have a systematic way to explore the presets. Exploration and experimentation is a fun way to learn the capabilities of Voltage Modular but the results should be documented to record the new knowledge and reinforce the experience.

In Voltage Modular when confronted by a rack with a mass of cables and modules. With many of the modules may be unknown or used in new combinations.

The quick version:

1. Colour code the cables. It help to highlight the difference between audio and CV

2. Use Voltage Modular labels to differentiate modules and specific connections.

3. Use the Voltage Modular blank panel or notepads from the VM shop to make notes on important parts of the rack.

4. Make notes on each the output and inputs from the various modules. Following the flow and making notes gives increased familiarity with how the rack works.

It may seem a lot of work for each rack and at the start it can be. Just work a few racks of the type you are interested in. As you develop more understanding there may be less need for notes.

Here are some links to provide more detail:

Documenting Voltage Modular ... ular-racks


Baby Lead Notes ... lead-notes

Venus Theory Generative - a derivative ... from-venus
(Original video: )

Notes on the Patchbook Specification I use to document racks ... opatchbook

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Re: Moving forward by documenting Voltage Modular

Post by sdv » Fri Apr 03, 2020 9:46 pm

I like your article about documenting patches. For me, the most important thing would be to have a standardized patch coloring scheme. I like the one you created (while I'm not a fan of Black cables I would use it if it were the standard):
Audio RED
Trigger YELLOW

Having a standard color scheme would help ppl to (1) immediately grok other patches and (2) make their own patch creation sessions more deliberate (via subconscious associations). As for the punctuation documentation scheme, that's very interesting and is reminiscent of UML, XML and other coding meta-structures which are great for software among teams but probably overkill for synth nerds.

Anyways, we should come up with at least a color standard and place it as a 'Sticky' at the tip-top of the Patches forum page.

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Re: Moving forward by documenting Voltage Modular

Post by JayBee6244 » Thu May 14, 2020 1:50 pm

Completely agree with this. Omri Cohen (VCV expert) uses a colour-coding system which makes it much easier to understand signal flow and sample patches. It would be great if we could set this in VM rather than have to set each cable colour individually - even if it were not enforced, it wouldn't be too tricky (?) to set colours based on the in/out connection type.

color code.png
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