uQuence Teaching Patch

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uQuence Teaching Patch

Post by sdv » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:25 pm

I was working with the uQuence module and wanted to create a sort of meta-template to showcase some of its features as well as show a few standard modular ideas using core modules. This is in NO way musical but rather an instructional patch.

Key highlights
1) An LFO rate-driven Clock Divider altering the speed of Tracks 1 & 2 in uQuence,
2) uQuence running 6 different tracks triggering an Additive Oscillator (CV Mod attenuates the signal - 100% (all the way CW) let's all the gate signal through) and 6 Misfit percussion modules,
3) An LFO to modulate uQuence patterns (experiment with different waveforms) connected to an oscilloscope to show voltage pattern switching behavior)),
3) An LFO signal being modulated by a Envelope Generator driving a Quantizer to modulate the Freq Mod of the Additive Oscillator (I added the oscilloscope bc someone had asked me recently about looping envelopes & pad sounds and that example was fresh in my mind),
4) An LFO modulating the Center Frequency of the Additive Oscillator (creates rising/falling drones),
5) All sound modules are routed through a 12 channel Console Mixer.

This patch contains naturally, the uQuence and Additive Oscillator modules.
uQuence_teaching tool.zip
uQuence Meta-Patch
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