Weevil's Rhythm Divider Crazy Drummer

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Doc Joe
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Weevil's Rhythm Divider Crazy Drummer

Post by Doc Joe » Mon Jun 28, 2021 11:24 pm

Hi folks,

Attached is a generative drum machine based on Weevil's wonderful Rhythm Divider. It've fully loaded this one with two Rhythm Dividers (the second being for 808 Toms) but you can easily remove that second setup if you wish a less complex patch. Basically, it has everything you'd want... just remove what you don't.

The machine is also setup with clock dividers that will periodically randomise the dividers, giving different patters, though I have locked the Kick pattern (the first instrument) to give some stability in chaos. If you want a more control, remove the RND (random) cables and set up the Banks of the rhythm divider to get the beats just how you want.

A BIG thanks to Weevil for this little gem of a module. It finds it's way into many of my generative creations, giving just enough order to total voltage chaos.

Best regards,
Doc Joe.
Weevil Rhythm Divider Craycray Drummer.voltagepreset
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