2 simple MPE templates

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2 simple MPE templates

Post by HowlingMod » Sat Sep 12, 2020 2:07 pm

2 simple MPE templates:

template 1: uses the midi devices checked in the global settings. it has a midi to cv module, for the rise, and lightpad rise controller mode (and the XYZ app/mode). for sensel morp, etc, other users, you can make your own cc's, of course.
and has 6 poly to mono modules, for all 6 MPE outputs, for connecting monophonic modules.
if you want to use a monophonic module for MPE, you can add 1 or 2 or 4 or more. for 4 voices? can be enough, with the added bonus, above the polyphonic modules (and some modules can do both), that for example for voice 3, you can set the module for that voice, to a different setting, the CV modulation or even route it a different way.. and imagination takes over.

save it as cabinet, for use in your patches. (don't forget to attach the MPE module to the big midi from host, when loading it as a cabinet... ánd the CV module!)

template 2: the same as template 1, but it works with the midi input module, so you can, for example, use the seaboard block and the lightpad M seperately... (don't forget: you get an error, but it still works??, but that is not how it should work, when you have choosen them in your global settings as midi controllers, in the midi input module.)

save it as a cabinet.

and use for example 2 cabinets.... for 2 MPE controllers.

no curves, yet. a simplistic solution, for a delay, by value, can simply be done i think, i hope, most logic/utility modules aren't polyphonic? must do research (i use them, but within MPE mindset, i tend to forget, everything...).

voltage modular is a very strong MPE synth, or better: it can made to be a very strong one? by whom (or who?)? you!

EDIT: core is needed AND of course the MPE module (also a part of the one year bundle of cherry audio).

EDIT: if there are questions, or simply remarks, working with curves, or a lag processor for MPE, or additions...
MPE Template 01.voltagepreset
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MPE Template 01.voltagepreset
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MPE Template 02.voltagepreset
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