I pressed the button, what next?

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Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:12 pm


I made a module, pressed button to mark it as "beta", and wrote some docs.

I wouldn't mind folks trying it out to say boo meh or yay, but I can't see a button for that?
What happens next?

I have a demo account, haven't bought anything.
I intend to create only a few free modules, perhaps just this one
(bcs it's good, it's a sine-saw-square-pulse morphing bandlimited oscillator with hardsync that should replace most of your oscils in most of your softsynths ever ;) )

I can also publish source code (simple adaption from my Csound code), but there seems to be no "Import" button beside the "Export" one.

Right now it's visible to me as

but not in the store afaics.

rasmus ekman
Cherry Garcia
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Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:58 am


We just recently made Module Designer free with the personal license. The personal license allows you to publish a module for use in your own copy of Voltage Modular. The beta option should only be for those that have purchased a commercial license. (We are going to be fixing that, if we haven't already). To get your modules on the Cherry Audio module store, you'll need to purchase a commercial license for $99. After that, we will need to review the modules to make sure they pass our guidelines.

https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/v ... e-designer
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