Leaving reviews / no wishlist

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Leaving reviews / no wishlist

Post by Agentslimepunk » Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:38 am

Hello Cherry Audio! I love voltage modular to death but I had a few issues with the store design that have probably been mentioned in the past, but I was wondering if they'd ever be fixed anytime soon.

When you're going through the store's catalog and want to leave a helpful review on a module, there's seemingly no way to do so aside from going back into your purchase history, finding the module, and then clicking the review button. The problem with this is that once you (as a customer) have purchased hundreds of modules, it's not really intuitive to go back and find the one you wanted to review.

Will there ever be a simple 'review this module' button connected to the general module page like on every other site? I see that one such thing exists in the VST (which is admittedly awesome) but I'm wondering why it's not easier to browse and review good modules.

Also, there's seemingly no way to drop an item into a wishlist, as the only options are basically to put it in your cart and hope it stays throughout sessions or just don't even bother. This becomes an issue when you go to buy something, but instead have to wade through bundles and modules in order to find it again, and also ensures that you'll miss out on deals if they ever happen.

Just a few thoughts. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do, I really love VM!

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